Wed 2008-01-16 ( ap En )

This new MacBook looks nice. But it has strange specifications:

  • just 4 plugs: power, USB, headphones, µ-DVI.
  • no optical drive
  • no user-replaceable everything
  • backlit keyboard <3 – sweet nonsense
  • optional SSD drive…finally!
  • 1,36 kg (10 iPhones, or a kilogramm lighter than a MacBook)

Still, I’m thinking about getting one later this year. And I want an SSD (that’s a non-mechanical hard drive – die, HDD!), which is currently just too expensive (900 $ extra!) Am I crazy? Let me explain.

The Epitome of Simplicity

No optical drive? Remote disk? What a daring idea! I love you, Apple ;-) I have counts 5 running CD/DVD drives around my desk here, and I certainly don’t need another one. How often do I use them anyway? Once a week? And why buy one today anyway, with this HD DVD/BluRay war going on.

I also don’t care about the missing Firewire (just swapped the connection to my external backup disk from Firewire 400 to USB 2 for testing – no problem. What do I need Firewire for? I don’t have a camera.)

Only one USB port? Well, I don’t need a mouse. And there were few cases when I ever used both of my MacBook’s USB ports together.

But I’m not sure how to go without Ethernet though…I’m still a cable guy (wireless mice suck). How would I connect to the internet and make a private LAN?

The Plan

  • Wait for the SSD option to become cheaper (let’s say, 2nd generation MacBook Air with 1.8GHz and the 64GB SSD for 2000 € in May?)
  • Stick to my non-wifi backup disk (heck, I’ve spent a lot of money for this!), and Firewire-plug it into…
  • …an iMac which I plan to buy. Maybe a 20" will do, I’ve never been into large displays. I need 2GB RAM for sure, but any hard disk will do.
  • I set up a wireless network with the iMac serving optical drive, backup drive access. I get rid of most of my cables (the other PC – Hikari – will stay. I like it and it has a 7.1 sound card ^_^)

Voilà! That would be about 3200 €.

And what do I get?

  • Two quite good computers to give to other people:
    1. Rico, my MacBook (renamed after Henrietta died – HD crash snif I hate you, HDDs!) – to my mum
    2. Seras, my old Athlon 2200+ PC – to one of my aunts
  • A beautiful, light, durable notebook with no mechanical parts except for the CPU fan, but with the same speed as Rico.
  • A desktop that I may really work with…after using mostly my laptops at home for 5 years.
  • (and play StarCraft2 on…if it is out in May, that is ^^)
  • Two new names to choose. Maybe Fumie (from Dennou Coil) for the iMac and Kuu (from Haibane Renmei) for the MacBook Air. I love to give names.
  • Probably a lot of mockery from other people (Du hast dir wirklich so ein Teil gekauft? Du bist doch verrückt.)

And now?

I actually bought Simon’s iMac for 900 €, while he baught the newest model. Wow, 24", and it’s quite fast :) The bluetooth moues and keyboard also work better than expected. But there’s one thing I hate: all connectors are on the back! Why do I have to stand up to get my headphones in? Anyway, it’s got a Firewire 800 port.

But I got my home cinema now. A 23" Cinema display alone would have cost me 800€ at least, and now I have a complete desktop computer with a graphics card that should be ready for SC2.

I called it Batou, honoring Simon’s wish that to get her a boy’s name.

I also heard SSDs are getting cheaper…if I can get a 128 GB (2.5") for less than 400 €, I’m probably in to buy one for Triella, my new MacBook.

Say something! / Sag was!

I was waiting a long time for an update, since the macbook is good enough for watching movies and developing some web applications but far away for fast photoshop rendering and not playing games like civilization 4. But I'm  disappointed for the new macbook air, apple does not closed the gab between the macbook pro 15" and the macbook, but released a more fancy version of the macbook :(. Which is truly not a option for cs studends.
But I like the commercial! 
Simon @ 08:27 on Wednesday, 2008-01-23
i want a 12". My Power Book G4 was so sexy but now everywhere 13,3" and widescreen :-( i would change my black Mac book immediatly for such a version. And ssd rocks! My hdd was the only thing which broke every time in my Mac :-(
bovi @ 18:30 on Monday, 2008-01-28

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