Sat 2014-05-24 ( In En me )

ruut and me are setting up a new server. This blog is one of the first sites being migrated.

If you can read this, it has worked!

Thu 2014-01-09 ( In De me )

Ich habe ein neues Blog gestartet zum Thema Shadowrun 5.

Schaut doch mal vorbei :)

Thu 2008-01-24 ( me )

Hello! I’m Kornelius Kalnbach, a male student of computer science and philosophy, computer and programming enthusiast, manga/anime fan, and boy scout.

I was born in Berlin in late 1983 (Eastern part), and have lived here ever since.


I have been working at Transformal on some quite interesting software projects using Ruby on Rails. Now I’m mainly merely a student again, preparing for my diploma. I’ve also been organizing the 37,5th KIF in Berlin.

Disclaimer →

The person on the picture is my identical twin from the other timeline. It was taken in Hell, where he stays for some days every year to chill out. The curtains are not what you think.

Mon 2008-01-14 ( me )

Lots of ways to contact me:


Twitter: @murphy_karasu (murphy as the guy with the law, karasu as Japanese for “crow”.)

Skype: kalnbach.

E-Mail: murphy rubychan de – you’ll know how to turn this into an email address unless you are a spam bot.