Fri 2010-03-12 ( En )

My homepage was about:blank for over a year now. I was sick of slow-loading start pages, and I just don’t have any site I really frequent so much that I want to look at it every time I open a new browser window.

But today, TPUTH became my Home Page in Firefox. It’s a metablog about “tech and design”.

What got me? The whole digital yellow-press newspaper style combined with Socialist party medals of geek gods, a Cyrillic-looking title that you can’t pronounce (try it!)…it’s just cute, and funny, and stylish. It has daily funny pictures, and only features ironic headlines that link straight into the blogosphere.

Say something! / Sag was!

No markup, just plain monospace text. / Kein Markup, nur Normschrift-Klartext.