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I use TextMate for everything that is text. Programming, organizing, shell-foo, writing for studies, protocolling, writing songs or guitar tabs, looking at patches and code, organizing, learning. And I have given up some great editors for it – Delphi, RDE, VIM, Weaverslave…actually, I switched to Mac in 2006 because of this software.

Back then, TextMate 2 was already announced. Since then, a book came out, and several maintainance releases. Lots of “Bundles” for more languages and applications were written. But mostly, it’s the same TextMate I bought in 2006 for €39. No 2.0, no release date, no feature list. But it recently got a Vaporware price (next to the Apple Design Award it won 2006).

Of course, the blogosphere chit-chats a lot. Allan Odgaard (the developer) is a quiet man, and, in contrast to his friend David Heinemeier Hansson, he’s not a business man. He just says he’s working on it.

I didn’t think too much about it. But then I read a comment war on the latest blog post:

The problem is not how you do your software but how you do your business. Remember that TM is not a open source project neither a free software. Allan, you are a business man here rather than a purely programmer. As a business man, communication skills are critical.

Allan answers:

…I am aware of these things, the “problem” is that I do not wish to be a business man. I have no desire of being “big”, on the contrary, often I just want to be left alone. I am probably closer to an artist in mentality … I will finish 2.0 because I am passionate about realizing my vision … TM has never been about customers, only about building a great text editor …

I think I can sympathize with that. My employer Olaf Langmack accused me of thinking like an artist when I was developing for him. While he likes the attitude, he thinks that developing for customers, and therefore being commited to some business world rules, brings more meaning to a programmer’s work, and life.

I’m still unsure how to live with that (ethic?) conflict. But it’s nice to see that other coders have the same problem. Maybe I should thank Allan for that confessional post – it may be worth more than a new major release of the best text editor.

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Allan is a bit of a douchebag. I have distributed over 500 CDs with a key'd version of TM, only because of how that douche treats his customers and his eurotrash mentality of being above commerce and such nonsense. 500 lost potential sales because of me. It's not much, but it is something.
Not Allan @ 13:06 on Sunday, 2010-05-23
How brave of you.
murphy @ 20:41 on Monday, 2010-05-24

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