Sun 2009-01-18 ( En ra )

github commit comments

There’s a form for comments, but if you try to send it, you’re redirected to the login page! If you don’t know how to fight spam, at least don’t let me type my shit into the trash bin. I allow anonymous comments on my blog, and if you don’t, you stink.

nVidia Forums

Your captchas are so stinkin’ unreadable that I had to try at least a dozen times ! I’m not blind you know? And if you validate my email adress anyway, why bug me with captchas? And then, I couldn’t log in! After trying a dozillion times, I found out that you have to give your email and password, instead of the nickname you had to choose. Try reading some interface guidelines! Finally:

Sorry, your account has been locked due to an excessive number of failed login attempts within a defined period. Your account will automatically be unlocked in 14 minutes


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