Thu 2008-02-28 ( En pi )

I had a short trip to London (business, you know).

Arriving at Stansted airport. Airports are always futuristic, boring, and creepy. Architects, please change this!

The first thing you see when entering the hotel room is the TV and the remote with this commercial. Now what? I didn’t fly all the way to London to watch bad movies.

This is how I tried to charge my MacBook using the only continental socket available (the adapter kept falling off.) But it seems it is only intended for razors: After some minutes, the current dropped.

Evening activity options are now down to one: Exploring the city! I walked from Russell Square to Westminster; here’s Big Ben:

Here is the emblem of my metal fence empire:

And here is Ben again. I love how they illuminate it.

Somehow, everything in this city reminds me of Harry Potter.

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welches Buissness den??
SImon @ 13:26 on Friday, 2008-03-21
Software verkaufen :) Hat leidern icht geklappt.
murphy @ 17:50 on Saturday, 2008-03-22
hmm schade aber schön warst anscheinend trotzdem :)
Simon @ 17:19 on Sunday, 2008-03-23

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