Wed 2010-02-24 ( En pr )

If something has more than, say, 5 parameters, it should be divided into components that have less.

Less is more. Hierarchies, if sensibly applied, can manage complexity.

Think LEGO.

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Interesting thesis oddly enough I tend to agree that 5 is a good guideline, so how does this number came up? Also do you think everything can be cut down to sets of 5? Or rather does it always make sense?

Licenser @ 15:37 on Wednesday, 2010-02-24
5 isn't a magic number, just a guide. Actually, even having 2 unnamed parameters for a function can be confusing when you can't remember which one comes first. When you have named parameters, you can have more of them - but at some point, it just explodes. I mean, ActiveRecord's has_many currently has 23 possible options, and some of them take hashes themselves!

I think everything that is software can be broken into parts, yes. But I don't think that's always the way you should go. Some things are just too complex or too strange to be modelled beautifully into a simple set of parameters.

There's another side to this: APIs can't take away the burden of coding, and often, it's easier and better to code it yourself than to fiddle with a hundred APIs.

Maybe libraries shouldn't provide APIs. They should provide tools.

The UNIX philosophy is another example. You just can't model everything, because a model is not the real thing. Original things require original hacks.
murphy @ 21:17 on Thursday, 2010-02-25

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