Tue 2010-08-10 ( En pr bl )

Yes. I’m sorry. I’m busy with:

  • starting a new job at sofatutor
  • friends
  • Shadowrun
  • reading/writing on Twitter
  • preparing for my New Zealand trip from late October till New Year
  • watching JAG, season 5 (in English)

Because of this, I could not find the time yet to write about

  • rbJL’s Zucker gem
  • the latest updates to the Schatten project
  • CodeRay 1.0
  • my new iMac
  • my love for m&m‘s
  • what I like/hate about Twitter

You can follow me on @murphy_karasu (manchmal schreibe ich dort auch Deutsch), and/or you can have a completely unrelated “motivational” poster:

An example of a Shadowrun character with the Good Looking and Knows It quality.

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