Thu 2010-03-11 ( En pi )

Ever needed a or a ?

Here’s a nice generator by the French team Country and Kath. It produces animated GIFs for a style and background color you select. You can download them, and they are Public Domain (at least that’s how I understand totally free for use).

I know I’m contradicting myself here:

Seriously, drop animated GIFs. They stink.

AJAX loading indicators may be the only valid excuse for using an animated GIF. And maybe writing a blog post about them.

Say something! / Sag was!

Nice one, but I prefer over ajaxload. They have hundreds of animation templates and a great list of different functions
Vitaliy @ 10:37 on Wednesday, 2011-11-09
Thanks! a lot this icons are very useful
grettings to you.
Pablo Alberto Bugueño Navas @ 18:51 on Friday, 2012-03-16 helps you to create ajax loaders online. All free ajaxloaders are free and fully customizable.
Xeosoft @ 22:46 on Monday, 2013-02-18

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